Space-Lok’s manufacturing facility possesses extensive in-house capabilities such as CNC machining, hot and cold heading (forging), thread rolling, gun-drilling, grinding, EDM machining, tapping and toolmaking. Our equipment array is capable of forging and machining sophisticated metals, covering the full range of aerospace materials and strength levels; alloy steels from low-alloy types to high-strength alloys such as H-11 and AERMET® 100; corrosion resistant alloy A286; precipitation hardening stainless steels PH13-8Mo, 17-4PH and PH15-5; Titanium 6AL-4V and 6AL-6V-2Sn; high temperature alloys Alloy 718, Waspaloy, Rene 41 and Multi-Phase alloys. Given a product’s intended function and requirements, our skilled technical staff works closely with our customers to develop unique, application-specific product solutions. In addition, Space-Lok has metallurgical, mechanical and environmental facilities ideally suited to support the research and development programs of our customers.


• CNC Machining
• Hot Forging
• Cold Heading
• Heat Treat
• Fillet Rolling
• Thread Rolling
• Grinding
• EDM Machining
• Tapping
• Toolmaking
• X-Ray
• Aluminum Pigment Coating
• NDT: Penetrant
• Metallurgical Lab
• Tensile, Fatigue, Shear, Torque, Hydrogen Analysis